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About Zen Martial Art School

ZMAS was established in 1998 and is recognized and affiliated with the global well known karate school International Seishinkai Karate Union LLC (ISKU).
Students learning at various branches of the school are regularly trained by black belts teachers and instructors.

Our mission is to train students in four important aspects.
  1. Self Defense Aspect.
  2. Physical Fitness Aspect.
  3. Competitions Aspect.
  4. Spiritual Aspects. (Way to built positive personality)
Kyoshi Nilesh Manohar

President of ZMAS
He Hold title of Kyoshi and rank of Seventh Degree Black Belt of Seishinkai. He is also awarded as Title of Renshi & Sixth Degree black Belt By Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (DNBK)

We want to share our training experiences

Our mission is to cultivate all Karatekas – men, women, boys & girls to physically fit, confident, courageous & discipline personalities & with true karate – do spirit for accepting any challenges in course of life by these ways to cultivate better human being for the society, nation & the world.
Zen Martial Art School

Learn the Ultimate art of unarmed combat

Be part of our premier Karatedo community for self-defense, self-discipline, healthy sport, physical fitness and calm mind.
Japanese Traditional Martial Arts
Dojo with modern concept
Under global Masters Guidance
Special attention to girls and female
Promotes Discipline & Positive attitude
Participate in Competition

Our Programs

What We Teach

Karate for Kids

Want your child to have the great benefits and self learning associated with the Martial Arts

Karate for Teens

Want your daughter and teenage child to be aware and defend themselves in situation

Karate for Adults

Want your daugther and teenage child to be aware and defend themselves in situation


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Zen Martial Art School

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Limited Introductory Offer. No lock-in contract

When registering for the first time, please make ensure that the student is wearing comfortable clothes when attending class and bring along a water bottle. Children between 5-16 years should be accompanied by parent / guardian.



We have expert teachers to train all our students

For any Institution the Quality of Teacher is important for the grooming of its students. ZMAS have excellent team of Instructor who are well qualified Black belts with promising students of Sensei Nilesh Manohar since they started Karate do journey.

Sensei Nilesh

Founder and Seventh DAN Black Belt

Sempai Shruti

Participated at Malaysian Internationals

Sempai Megha

Instructor and Black Belt

Sempai Pramod

Instructor and Black Belt

Sempai Isha

Instructor and Black Belt​

Sempai Yash

Participated at Malaysian Internationals

Sempai Imran

Instructor and Black Belt

Sempai Rohit

Instructor and Black Belt

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Zen Martial Art School

Rank Requirements

From the colors of karate belt we can easily judge about the rank and the level of expertise about any person. More common colors that

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